AmphibiaGen Lab <br>Genomics for Amphibian Conservation

Amphibians (frogs, salamanders, and caecilians) are the most imperiled group of vertebrates globally, with more than 40% threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, disease, climate change, and other stressors. Amphibians play important roles in ecosystems as predators and prey. They also directly help humans by eating massive numbers of insects that damage crops and spread diseases, such as malaria transmitted by mosquitos. AmphibiaGen, directed by Professor Chris Funk in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University, harnesses powerful new genomic technology to help identify amphibian species and populations at risk of extinction and to design and implement the most effective conservation actions to recover them.

Your support of CSU's AmphibiaGen funds genomic research on threatened and endangered amphibian species in Colorado, elsewhere in the U.S., and internationally, to enable their conservation and prevent their extinction.

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